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Rounding whole numbers and rounding decimals (if taught correctly using visuals and not tricks) is one of those skills that I love to teach. It is fairly easy for all of my students to master it and find success. So, I always enjoy using this skill to push and challenge their thinking further. This post will share two simple but higher-level rounding activities that will ... Read More

Word problems + fractions = a lot of struggle for many students. Especially when you throw in new concepts like multiplying and dividing fractions. Those fraction word problems are always pretty tricky for my students. The first year that I taught multiplying and dividing fractions, I really had to spend some time breaking down the concepts myself in order to best help my ... Read More

Helping readers decode larger words and employ more advanced decoding strategies is forever a goal of mine. As someone who has never taught primary, I don't have a large background in teaching decoding and phonics anyway. Couple that with readers who struggle because of gaps or because their initial instruction just didn't work, and you can see why this is a constant goal ... Read More

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Prefixes and suffixes are one of those skills that students need lots of practice and repetition with (in addition to seeing words with affixes while they are reading). This post shares an engaging prefix and suffix review that the students "play" with Jenga colored blocks. Amazon affiliate links provided if you wish to purchase the Jenga ... Read More

Teaching 4th grade fractions is one of my favorite math skills to teach, but it can get tricky. In my opinion, the 4th grade fraction skills are pivotal for students' success in later grades with more advanced fraction skills. Unfortunately, many 4th grade fraction skills can be taught with tricks that don't build necessarily conceptual understanding, which can really ... Read More

Word problems used to be the bane of my existence as a new teacher. Thankfully, I learned new strategies and resources to help me implement and teach word problem strategies all year. To be honest, teaching word problems all year was the ONE thing that I did that had the greatest impact (if you are interested in more information about word problems and how I teach them, ... Read More

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