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Adding seasonal activities to your day to day plans can keep students engaged and interested in what they're learning. Science experiments are no different! If you are looking for a great science activity to do with your upper elementary students this fall, this salt crystal experiment with leaves is one you don't want to miss. Keep reading for a full list of materials ... Read More

This is a fun and informative fall science activity that has a great content focus. This experiment explores how leaves change color in the fall.  The purpose of the experiment is to get the students to understand that chlorophyll (which gives leaves the green color) masks the other colors in the leaves. In the winter, trees block water to the leaves breaking down the ... Read More

There are two specific core memories I have from my teaching career when I needed syllable type instruction to help my students with decoding multisyllabic words...and I didn't know it. During my first teaching observation, I presented a student with the word "udder." He said he couldn't read it because it had two ds. I had no idea what to do to guide him. Now, I ... Read More

Word problems can be overwhelming for students and honestly for teachers, too. Teaching students how to use strategies and confidently work through word problems can be tough. This post will share a list of questions and prompts you can use as you support your students before and after they solve word problems. This will help you guide the students through solving the ... Read More

Transitions in the classroom are extremely important. This is when so much time can be wasted, and misbehavior can occur easily. One way to help transition into a new subject is to have routines in place that the students know to expect each day. One routine could be using a warmup to start the lesson. Not only do using warmup activities help transition students quickly ... Read More

Understanding parts of speech is a skill that is beneficial to students in so many different ways. Finding parts of speech activities for your students can be challenging - especially if you're looking for engaging ones that will keep them interested while they're learning! This post will share my favorite free parts of speech activities for 4th and 5th graders. ... Read More


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