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When learning new math skills and concepts, it is important for students to develop a strong understanding of the math vocabulary. This blog post will share free 4th grade math vocabulary posters to help your math instruction include the necessary academic vocabulary. These math posters will help your students learn and remember key terms related to fourth grade math ... Read More

Are you searching for an interactive and purposeful way to review or introduce a variety of suffixes to your 4th and 5th-grade students? This post shares a free suffix reading passage with teaching posters, after-reading word work activities, and more. Incorporating this free resource into your instruction will help your students authentically explore and understand ... Read More

Story elements are taught beginning as early as kindergarten, but it always seems like I need to spend a little time reviewing them with my 4th and 5th graders each year. If you find yourself in the same situation and want a rigorous, engaging, and grade-level way to review basic story elements, I have a free resource to share with you that is perfect for the first weeks ... Read More

From prefixes and suffixes to roots, teaching morphology is a great way to expand students' vocabulary and decoding skills. While there is not a universally recommended or approved scope and sequence for teaching morphology, there are some general guidelines that teachers can use to guide their instruction. This blog post will share a leveled morphology scope and sequence ... Read More

Pinpointing the reasons behind a struggling reader at the upper elementary level can be challenging. Maybe you have had a student who can decode multisyllabic words flawlessly, pause when they see punctuation, and even read dialogue with expression. Yet they get to the end of a page and cannot answer questions such as “How did the character feel about what happened to ... Read More

Working with new words in a variety of ways helps build vocabulary knowledge. One strategy for working with words is to use vocabulary graphic organizers. Vocabulary graphic organizers are visual tools that help students organize and explore the relationships between words, their meanings, related concepts, and much more. These organizers provide a structured framework ... Read More


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