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Ghosts may not be real, but you can make them float with science. It’s not magic, and it’s not fake, it’s just static electricity! Kids in upper elementary will have a blast with this low-cost and low-prep science activity that illustrates the principles of atoms, charges, and static electricity with one simple Halloween science demonstration. Want to see more ... Read More

Are you in need of new ways to engage your students while they are practicing reading skills and standards? Do your students work well with digital interactive activities? These 4th and 5th grade reading sorts are great for providing reading practice to students in a new (and non-threatening way)! About the Digital Reading Sorts This free reading resource ... Read More

Are you looking for digital reading activities to kick off your school year? It can be challenging to plan reading lessons when you're still getting to know your students and getting to know what they know. You don't want to bombard your students with too many skill-based reading activities before you've reviewed or taught the skills. This set of free digital reading ... Read More

"What does it mean to drag and drop?" "Where do I type my answer?" "What do I do when I'm done?" Questions just like these can come up when students are getting familiar with digital activities. This is especially true after a whole summer away from educational technology. Using digital math centers in the elementary classroom may seem like a no-brainer to most of ... Read More

Are you looking for a way to have your students exchange digital end of year messages and well wishes for a fun summer ahead? As we close out this school year, some students are still fully virtual or following social distance regulations. This means that not everyone will have a chance to sign each other's yearbooks/t-shirts/memory books. This post will share a free ... Read More

Having students use math tools and resources is a great way to scaffold and support their understanding of math skills, while also teaching them to use the tools they have available to solve problems. This blog post will share the digital version of my free printable math tools (which you can find by clicking here) as well as and practice questions to help you and your ... Read More


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Welcome friends! I’m Jennifer Findley: a teacher, mother, and avid reader. I believe that with the right resources, mindset, and strategies, all students can achieve at high levels and learn to love learning. My goal is to provide resources and strategies to inspire you and help make this belief a reality for your students. Learn more about me.