Science & Social Studies

Science doesn’t have to require a ton of prep to be engaging. Check out my favorite science resources and activities that your students will love.

  • Close reading in science class? This post shares strategies and a free resource for implementing close reading in science instruction.
  • Review can be engaging, rigorous, sometimes even “fun”. Read this post for engaging ways to review that are student approved and easy prep. These are great to mix up your text prep review.
  • Using videos in science is a great way to reinforce what you are teaching. This post shares videos for teaching plant and animal cells.
  • Use this around the room activity as a way to review any subject in upper elementary.
  • Edible animal cells are sure to help your students remember the different animal cell organelles and their functions. Read more and grab free vocabulary posters on this post!
  • Free back-to-school science activities! These free science activities are perfect for back-to-school science lessons, including scientific method poster and science safety activities.

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