Social Studies

Social studies can be made meaningful and engaging with these ideas and resources that are practical and easy to implement.

  • Activities for early finishers don't have to be busy work. This post shares meaningful and engaging early finisher activities for all subjects.
  • Do your students struggle with studying? Check out this post for strategies and free printables for teaching students how to study in upper elementary.
  • Textbook reading CAN be engaging. Read this post for some textbook reading tips to make your instruction engaging and comprehensible.
  • Amazing Race challenges are a super engaging way to review before state assessments. Click through to read more about this fun test prep activity that works with any subject area or skill.
  • Review can be engaging, rigorous, sometimes even “fun”. Read this post for engaging ways to review that are student approved and easy prep. These are great to mix up your text prep review.
  • Social studies can engaging and meaningful to teach! This post shares two Social Studies ideas that are quick and easy to implement.

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