Digital Resources

Digital resources can elevate your instruction and support your students with their varying needs. In this section, you will find step-by-step PDF tutorials, digital activities for students, and other strategies to help you use digital teaching tools to enhance your instruction.

  • Help keep students (and parents) organized with Google Classroom using these FREE digital assignment checklists! There are digital assignment checklists for daily assignments, weekly assignments, and subject-specific assignments!
  • Google Forms are a great option for assigning practice and work online (no matter what online platform you are using). Check out this post for details on how to assign google forms to your students (and grab a free downloadable guide).
  • Learn how to assign Google Slides activities and lessons through Google Classroom with this free downloadable guide!
  • Want to create Google Form activities for your students? Grab a free downloadable guide to help you learn to create your own Google Forms!
  • Do you need some ideas for how to have your students show math work digitally? Check out this post for three options, including a free student guide to uploading pictures in Google Slides.
  • Online discussion can be motivating and encouraging for many students! There are so many features that teachers and students can use to communicate. This post shares several ways to have online discussions with Google Classroom, including a free step-by-step guide showing you how to use several of the features!

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