Test Prep

Test prep can be motivating, engaging, and rigorous. Check out these articles for engaging test prep review ideas, ideas on how to best prepare your students for online tests, and ways to motivate your students.

Check out my favorite test prep activities and strategies!

  • Tips for teaching students the RACE Constructed Response strategy in grades 4-5.
  • Gallery walk review may be my favorite test prep activity. It is a spin off a gallery walk and gets kids moving and critiquing each other's work. This test prep activity works well with all subjects!
  • Preparing students to take online tests does not have to be difficult or frustrating. This post shares multiple and authentic online testing strategies.
  • FREE testing motivational quotes coloring pages. Use these motivational quotes for testing to encourage your students before and during testing days.
  • This test prep activity is a spin-off on a graffiti activity. It has the students working with multiple partners to analyze questions and even compare and contrast each other’s work.
  • This post shares details of how you can use any board game or other popular games as test prep games that are highly engaging and motivating.

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